A Little More About Me…

I’m a business operations and marketing specialist with twenty-five years of experience. I’m hired by solo professionals and small businesses to act as their part-time, “business and marketing manager.”

My Story

I Work for Passionate Business Owners.

At age 20, I began working in Corporate America. I joined IBM by way of an internship while still attending Sacred Heart University working towards my BS in Business Management. After graduation, I was excited to have been hired as a full time “IBMer”. My team went head-to-head with Apple in marketing personal computers to the education industry. It was a lot of fun!

After leaving IBM, I was graced with fantastic opportunities to work in several other industries; healthcare, education and, most recently in the architecture/engineering/construction (AEC) industry. For the past nine years, I have been the marketing manager for a civil engineering and land surveying firm where I provide professional services marketing to their team of 40.

I admittedly fell into the AEC industry (architecture/ engineering/construction) after a friend told me her brother was looking for a marketing “person” for his firm. I had quickly fallen in love with the challenge of learning a technical subject and how to market the professionals – a.k.a. the ‘know-how’ and experience – behind the services. As my role expanded, I grew accustomed to wearing a variety of hats.

Through the years, I accumulated experience with the following:

  • Developing the strategic marketing plan and dissecting that plan into it’s tactical projects
  • Updating and creating brand identity
  • Managing the production of new websites
  • Implementing CRM’s to organize and house the qualifications and project descriptions
  • Creating promotional materials for presentations, career fairs and professional meetings
  • Outfitting staff with branded safety gear and ‘logowear’
  • Creating content and posting to social media platforms
  • Planning anniversary and client parties and PR campaigns
  • Planning and coordinating annual meetings (professional development)
  • Mobilizing teams to navigate LinkedIn and build professional profiles
  • Choreographing photo sessions for group and individual portraits
  • Orchestrating a new wellness program
  • Project managing SEO/SEM, Google ad campaigns

Member of:

Society for Marketers of Professional Services
VA (Virtual Assistant) Connection

Marie Patel with client

I created Girl On The Ball Solutions as a way to help passionate business owners with the behind the scenes marketing details so they can get back to the work they love!

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