How To Be On The Ball With Your Marketing:
I help passionate business owners get their marketing done, so they can focus on their clients

We Get You From Strategy…To Plan…To Implementation…
To Being On The Ball with Your Marketing!

Our 3 Phase,
Be On The Ball With Your Marketing System
is for Marketing Plan and Content Plan Development


The Huddle – It’s Strategy Time

  • We define your Client Personas
  • We identify your clients challenges and how you solve those challenges
  • We develop your Unique Value Proposition


The Game Plan – It’s Planning Time

  • We research your competitors
  • We research the marketplace
  • We research several possible marketing tactics
  • We come up with a PLAN based on the collected research


It’s Go time – The Implementation Process

  • We identify the tools needed to implement the Game Plan
  • We identify the needed resources
  • We plan the content calendar
  • We develop the process to ‘Make Things Happen”

Marketing Sprints

  • Planning and process sessions to brainstorm and develop individual Marketing Campaigns and/or Events
  • Supplemental Content planning
  • On-going hourly Support
  • On-going hourly Support

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How will you be on the ball with your marketing?

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