How To Be On The Ball With Your Marketing:
I help passionate business owners market more effectively, so they can focus on their clients

My 3 Phase, “Be On The Ball With Your Marketing” System
for Marketing or Content Plan Development
Marketing Sprints:


The Huddle – It’s Strategy Time

  • We define your Client Personas
  • We identify your clients challenges and how you solve those challenges
  • We develop your Unique Value Proposition



The Game Plan – It’s Planning Time

  • We research your competitors
  • We research the marketplace
  • We research several possible marketing tactics
  • We come up with a PLAN based on the collected research



It’s Go time – The Implementation Process

  • We identify the tools needed to implement the Game Plan
  • We identify the needed resources
  • We plan the content calendar
  • We develop the process to ‘Make Things Happen”


Marketing Sprints

  • Planning and process sessions to brainstorm and develop individual Marketing Campaigns and/or Events
  • Supplemental Content planning
  • On-going hourly Support

$495.00 & up

  • On-going hourly Support


How will you be on the ball with your marketing?

Discussing your business is a great way to start.

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