Things I Can’t Do Without: My Yoga Ball

I love my yoga ball. I sit at my desk both at home and in the office on this yoga ball. Now that my company name also reflects this, many more people now know this about me! Just last week, my very dear friend Maureen texted to let me know she purchased a ball for her home office – and she loves it! 

Photo credit: Ellen Relac

While there are many mixed opinions as to whether using a ball (a.k.a. yoga, exercise, balance ball) as an office chair is a good idea, it has worked for me for the past nine years. 

Since I work at a computer most of the day, this is what sitting on the ball does for me: 

1. Keeps my brain active

There is overwhelming evidence that physical activity increases brain function and academic performance. That’s why if you can’t find a solution to a problem, it helps to walk around the office or go for a quick run. Just bouncing up and down while you work can wake up your brain, and a few times a day, I stretch and do some exercises on the ball, too. 

2. Allows me to move and change positions frequently

The bouncy quality of sitting on a ball chair keeps my body in constant motion. The unstable nature of an exercise ball causes users to sit up properly and engage core muscles. Not only does this keep my body from stiffening up, but it keeps me actively thinking about proper posture. 

3. Improves Balance

As we know, strengthening one’s core and improving core stability improves balance. And, just by sitting on this ‘balance’ ball, I am improving my balance.  

Get “On The Ball” at your desk and try bouncing around a little bit, shifting your weight side to side to further work on your balance and wake up your legs…and your brain! 

Comment below and let me know if you’d give this a try!